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Our New Show Tectonic Plates

A couple of months ago an affable Kurdish chap called Amang Mordaki attended a workshop that Richard was running in conjunction with Community Arts Northwest. In Amang’s back pocket was a letter from the Kurdish Cultural Office inviting a UK based company to bring a new piece of theatre to Kurdistan in northern Iraq. Isn’t it wonderful how the most exciting opportunities fall into your lap like that? Very quickly Tectonic Plates was born, a new show written and produced […]

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CBBC Safer Internet Day Music Videos

AlbinoMosquito is delighted to announce an exciting commission we have received from the CBBC.       We have been tasked to come up with five music videos to help raise awareness for Safer Internet Day. (5th Feb) The music videos will be sound-alikes of some of the biggest songs of 2012, featuring talent from the BBC. Involved were the crew from Newsround, Helen Skelton from Blue Peter, Khalil Madovi and Jason Callender from 4 O’Clock Club and the cast from Wolfblood. The […]

Super Special Questions. Groningen, Holland.

AlbinoMosquito are working on a collaboration of contemporary dance, film, and theatre. Directed by Jonathan Mcgrath the event will take place at the Grand Theatre in Groningen, Holland. Pre recorded performances will be filmed, synced and played simultaneously with live dance pieces, bringing the city of Groningen into the auditorium as a back drop to the event. The production aims to shake up the normal way in which performers perform and how audiences participate as viewers. Contemporary dancers from the […]


Michael Barnes-Wynters: Dutty Lingo Working with artist and producer Michael Barnes-Wynters on a live installation in the Oil Tanks of the Tate Modern as part of Undercurrent: young people’s festival. Tate’s Oil Tanks have beeb unused since the former power station was turned into an art gallery, and now have been opened as part of a 15 week line-up of performance and events. Part of this includes Dutty Lingo on the 23rd by Michael Barnes-Wynters for a one day event […]

Countryboy’s Struggle

We are happy to say that we will be adapting Countryboy’s Struggle into an animated series. Which is sweet. The project is funded by the BBC and Art Council Space and will be produced with Contact. Thanks to Baba Isreal, Maxwell Golding and Oliver Sykes for getting this together.

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Workshop for Set Designers, Sculptors and 3D Artists.

We are making a music video for a Manchester artist. We are running some workshops to make the set for the shoot. We are going to make an entire house out of cardboard cupboards, coffee cups, TVs and tables. There will be 4 set building workshops the 22nd of November to the 13th of December. The workshops are open to people with all levels of experience and anyone over 10 years. Dates: 22nd NOV 12 to 6 1st DEC 10 […]


AlbinoMosquito are always interested in ‘fresh meat’, in this case it is an interesting music individual from the East of England (King’s Lynn) called Dan Steele. He’s been living in Manchester for 12 years, studied Music Technology in City College, playing guitar, experimenting with different music styles, getting inspiration from music artists like Pink Floyd, Amon Tobin, Dave Matthews, Plaid and Calexico, as well as catching ambient sounds of city life that we usually miss. As a result, he created […]

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We’re working with National Physical Laboratories

We have secured funding with the NWDA Innovation Voucher scheme. We are going to be working with National Physical Laboratories, who have some seriously cool equipment. We are going to be working with NPL scientists to determine the use of scientific imaging techniques to define and deliver new methods of creative video / still picture capture.

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