‘The MOMENT’ Original Live score Soundtrack on vinyl and digital

The album, titled “The MOMENT Original Live Score,” presents two versions of the score performed by musicians Hallvardur Asgeirsson and Gary Naylor. Recorded during a special live screening at the Clarion Cinema in Iowa on June 26, 2021, this album showcases the virtuosity of the musicians as they improvise and respond to the ever-changing form of the film.
When performing the score of “The MOMENT,” the musicians are faced with the challenge of improvisation, as they are unaware of the exact form the film will take. This requires them to rely on a “conductor” who guides them through the narrative, allowing them to riff off each other’s performances and create a harmonious musical journey. The album’s double-sided format aims to highlight the musicians’ exceptional skills and their ability to be inspired together ‘in the moment.’

Gary Naylor Also known as Scrubber Fox, started his musical journey in a brass band during school in 1995. Since then, he has evolved into a multi-talented AV artist who builds his own circuit audio-visual instruments, conducts workshops with diverse participants, and performs to audiences across the UK. Naylor’s collaborations include supporting renowned artists such as Venetian Snares and 65 days of Static, as well as delivering workshops and
speaking engagements at various institutions and events.

Hallvardur Asgeirsson Is a composer who skilfully blends avant classical composition with the electronic metamorphosis of live instruments. As an electric guitarist, he employs interactive sound processing techniques, creating compositions that merge found sounds with ambient musical elements. Asgeirsson’s work spans avant modern classical composition, electro-acoustic music, and electronic guitar music, where he uses the guitar as a starting point for electronic processing and sound shaping.

Dr Richard Ramchurn Artist and researcher, he specialises in adaptive narratives that can sense and adapt to viewers’ physiological and emotional states. His exploration of Brain Computer Interface technology has led to the creation of remarkable films and experiences, such as the interactive narrative film “The Disadvantages of Time Travel” (2014) and his most recent brain-controlled film, “The MOMENT” (2018). Ramchurn’s work delves into the intersection of race and technology in the Anthropocene, capturing the attention of international media and audiences worldwide.

The MOMENT Original Live Score is a testament to the ingenuity and collaborative spirit of these visionary artists, pushing the boundaries of filmmaking and music composition. Prepare to embark on an unforgettable journey through a dystopian world where every screening is a one-of-a-kind experience.