The year 2042, the UK is now a tropical region. Floods, fires, storms, civil unrest are common.
In the late 20s A series of high-level corporate individuals, billionaires, lobbyists, and politicians were assassinated by autonomous weapons built by climate activists. This system assessed the unit of human suffering and calculated the minimum amount of people that were to be targeted to save the most lives. It was the trolly problem but on a global scale.
In the resulting power vacuum the perpetrators became the heroes in this new narrative. A move to a circular economy, of reuse and adaptation to the changing environment.

Before We Disappear follows the two people behind the purges of the 2020s, and their personal fallout.

make it white

Make it white

‘Before We Disappear’ is a narrative response to climate change and technological response to digital surveillance. It will challenge the audience; general public, digital creatives and technology researchers to engage with the very real and pressing effects of climate collapse, our agency and ultimate responsibility. 

By developing a novel machine learning computer vision model (with local processing on the viewer’s device – preserving privacy), we will design narratives that can adapt to each viewer’s engagement and emotional response.
Building on our previous work, we propose a way of reimagining how cinematic narratives can be interacted with.

AlbinoMosquito work in partnership with BlueSkeye AI, using their BSocial system. BlueSkeye’s aim is to create the most-used technology for ethical machine understanding of face and voice behaviour trusted to measure the mind through the use of ubiquitously available, affordable technology.

BlueSkeye use machine learning to objectively and automatically analyse face and voice data, (the only company in the field using both) to interpret medically relevant expressed behaviour and help their customers improve people’s quality of life.

Make it white

Research project Adaptive Interactive Movies’ principle investigator Richard Ramchurn is leading a team of researchers from University of Nottingham (UoN), with support from LEADD:NG and using facilities at Horizon Digital Economy Research Institute, the Mixed Reality Lab, and The Cobot Maker’s Space. 

From our past 7 years of research we have seen there is an appetite for this type of work. AlbinoMosquito’s brain-controlled movies have required specialist EEG devices for audiences to interact. We plan to increase our audience potential with the design of an adaptive movie platform that uses a front-facing camera to estimate engagement and emotion in real time. 

At AlbinoMosquito we see the potential for new technologies to further push the boundaries of inclusive digital storytelling in the intersection between video games and movies, the interactive film. 

Before We Disappear is a short interactive film experience which adapts its narrative based on the viewers’ momentary engagement and emotion. 

Coming soon…an interactive movie straight to your device!

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