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Project: AlbinoMosquito blog update 22/07/14

Well good day to you all!

It’s been a while since blogs have splashed into the mosquito blog box. Lashings of apologies for the absence, the year had a somewhat wobbly start as some of you may know and now AlbinoMosquito is fitter, stronger, handsome’er, better mannered and affordable!

We hit the early springtime with a studio move and a hundred small jobs that swung through the door all at once, life got super busy and a great many friends returned to the company to help us with the transition and to ask us to help them with their creative projects. Stunned and chuffed we were at their love and offers of work, as the spring commenced we spent some time re-evaluating what we want as a company and setting up some new partnerships with some lovely muscular organisations that are interested in supporting the creation of our own work. We launched our first ever Kickstarter campaign, which was a huge success! With belly’s full of gratitude we are marching closer to completing #Scanners, a project that will premier at the fantastic FACT in Liverpool in 2015. (More details to follow super soon, we are waiting on the results of an arts council G4A bid. Fingers double double crossed for that!)

As the summer commences we are working with the Rio Ferdinand Foundation on a short animation course at the Media City in Salford Quays, Unfinished Business and Baba Israel continue work on the important theatre piece The Spinning Wheel Keeps Turning. We will be going into creative development on a major new show for Z-Arts in collaboration with children’s writer Philip Osmet and also we are making a film about the fabulous band Mr Wilson’s Second Liners. Durational theatre piece Feast of the Farewells will also be making a welcome return to the table.


In addition to that could we take the time to point your brains in the direction of the Edinburgh festival! If any of you find your skeletons have carried your brains up there GO AND SEE! The CHRISTEENE MACHINE, Geddes Loom and Unfinished business showing their fantastic work. If you go to the festival and miss any of these companies you will have a short and disappointing life as a result. No pressure…





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