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Published: Nov 25th, 2013

Hello lovely perverts on the internet!
This week at AlbinoMosquito towers has been bloody bonkers busy! The rehearsal for our new show Tectonic Plates has taken us from the hill tops of Derbyshire to the deep end of Levenshulme swimming pool.
Our actors Sophie and Andrew have worked like Trojans in piecing this play together in our rehearsal space that we have built in the studio, the rehearsal process has taken the form of building the design and the scenes together so that they can be fully integrated, mainly when making theatre pieces the set and AV design is a building block that is slotted into place during the last stage of the process. For Tectonic Plates Richard Ramchurn and his amazing design and animation is just as much a character in the show as the the characters the actors are representing.
It’s been a lovely yet cramped process with all the ingredients and cast rattling around the mosquito studio and on the horizon is the bloody great big opera house in Kurdistan waiting to swallow our show with one epic gulp. A set has been built and Is waiting for us there, like an early Christmas present. How exciting eh? To draw a design for set on a computer in Manchester and then have a lovely Kurdish chap hundreds of miles away get cracking with his hammer and nails. So many details of this show are just out of reach and are buried within language barriers, ferociously complicated computer programs that have compressed our show into a series of zero’s and ones and tins of chalky white emulsion.

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