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Published: Nov 25th, 2013

So, hello again, this blog comes in two slices, this week and last has been buried under a glorious barrage of bits of show. Now we are sat on a Turkish airlines plane sailing through the rain clouds that are hung over holland on our way to Istanbul for a couple of hours before bouncing our intrepid bones to Kurdistan. In the hold below our weary bums is bits of show and tech equipment, Richards computer is down there with its brain crammed with special effects, there’s costume, Hollowsphere kit, hundreds of meters of sound, light and AV cables and all sorts of crazy shit.
Next to me across the aisle is our actor Andrew, sleeping off his brontosaurus sized hang over, beside him is Behan and Amange our Kurdish parents for this project. Behind me Rich and Mauro are glued to iPad’s and books giggling excitedly Lawrence our sound designer is asleep, probably dreaming about Wolverine and conspiracy theory’s and Sophie our other actor is perched there pensively with her hub cap headphones jammed full of Joni Mitchell tunes.

Away we go y’all! We will keep you posted on the adventure that awaits us.
As this show takes shape talk of a tour has emerged which is an exciting prospect to behold. A lady at the airport came up to us and asked us to take our show to Tel Aviv so her and her family could see it. We shrugged our shoulders and said “sure, why not, let’s go to Israel…” Note to self… Try and figure out how to actually get the British Council to give us the love we need/deserve… Any advice would be greatly appreciated on that one… ;)


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