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W00t – Copenhagen

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Published: May 15th, 2013

The newly formed w00t Copenhagen Play Festival encourages and engages players of all ages to participate and enjoy street games, kids games, games workshops, board games and game talks.

w00t Festival is a new outdoor space for playing and learning more about games, taking place from the 25th-26th May 2013 at KU.BE in Flintholme.

AlbinoMosquito are excited to be showcasing a new research & development prototype that we have been working on in partnership with Salford University, Manchester.

We have developed a visual platform that allows each user to take part in a unique, emotional and very personal journey that gives the test subjects a new way of creating their own visual narrative.

Gamers are invited to step inside our booth and engage in a multi-sensory experience, that we will be monitoring so to developing our software further.

Please come and see us and be part of this revolutionary experience, we can’t wait!




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2 Responses to “W00t – Copenhagen”
  1. […] Scanners – As far as play goes, I guess Scanners at least made me question the role of agency in play. Participants are invited to put on an EEG brainwave scanner and watch some video in a nice little tent (here’s a good description of the scanner and some other stuff that the people at Albino Mosquito have done using it). This happens in two parts with a couple of hours separating the two. The first part measures your concentration (see the description linked above for what this actually means) and scores you based on your performance. The second video, or rather collection of videos, has you influencing the action on screen — mainly through blinking. I did try hard to concentrate and up my brain activity (or whatevs) by for instance biting my tongue and focusing on the pain, so in some sense I was getting into it. The overall sense I have, however, is that it was a bit too hard to tell what sort of input I had and whether or not this actually made any (and in that case, what sort of) difference in the videos displayed. Final note: I guess obscuring the direct connection between user input and system output was, at least to some extent, deliberate. But then again maybe not. Or was it? AAAARHHGH. […]

  2. […] ‘Scanners’ when it was tried out on audiences at Copenhagen’s gaming festival, Woot, in April, which I was lucky enough to go along […]

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