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Super Special Questions. Groningen, Holland.

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Published: Aug 22nd, 2012

AlbinoMosquito are working on a collaboration of contemporary dance, film, and theatre. Directed by Jonathan Mcgrath the event will take place at the Grand Theatre in Groningen, Holland. Pre recorded performances will be filmed, synced and played simultaneously with live dance pieces, bringing the city of Groningen into the auditorium as a back drop to the event. The production aims to shake up the normal way in which performers perform and how audiences participate as viewers.

Contemporary dancers from the Scottish School of Dance and actors from Dundee College will be taking part in the European Union funded production. The dancers will take control of four cameras which will leave an hour before the show in a choreographed routine, filming and performing their scenes throughout the whole journey. Each scene will be written to allow the finished piece to interlink during a simultaneous screening an hour later in front of a theatre audience. All together 35 performances will take before and during the event.

During the live show,  our very own Richard Ramchurn will be on stage mixing the piece together. Richard is working together with Maria Alverez of the team to produce an iPad app specifically for the show. Four iPads will be used to sync the four separate sequences together, acting as a digital stage manager. 

To get a further insight on this kind of multimedia production AlbinoMosquito looked into various artists using this technique, such as Berlin and Nottingham based mixed media performance artists Gob Squad. They challenge audiences to take active roles in their production which create special relationships to the art works. ‘Live Long and Prosper‘ shows seven film death sequences and restages them in various parts of Berlin. Shown on two screens the devices of narrative film are doubled up and reflected back on themselves in a cinematic game of spot the difference. Alexander Roberts of Total Theatre explains; “suddenly it is possible to understand that the central figure in this installation piece is the audience, and their relationship to fictional deaths on film…”.

Timecode by Mike Figgis (2000) shows four frames of simultaneous action, alternatively follow a smitten lesbian lover obsessing over her partners dalliances, and the tense goings-on of a hollywood film production company. Shot on 4 lightweight digital cameras,  in one single take 90 minutes of real time is projected in cinemas onto a screen divided into four frames. Timecode forces the viewer to rearrange their habits of perception, following the action as it moves the focus of its several plot strands around the screen swapping, presenting a satire on life.

Super Special Questions starts work next week with the performers in Dundee, Jonathan will start creating the content of the piece based around Brechts ‘Caucasian Chalk Circles’ where themes and elements from the narrative structure will be used to create the piece. The production will take place on the 5th of October at the Groningen Grand Theatre where the group will be in residence for a week previous to the show, it also continues a ten year working relationship between Jonathan and Albino Mosquito. Keep an eye out on the AlbinoMosquito network for regular updates. 

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