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Our New Mobile Cinema

In 2015 we screened The Disadvantages of Time Travel in a vintage caravan that had been converted into a cinema. AND Festival had one built for a project where caravans were converted into various art venues and we were luck enough to get access to it. Now with the new brain controlled movie we are making –The MOMENT we have secured funding from the EPSRC’s Telling Tales Of Engagement to build our own caravan. Arts organization Arciform, the company who […]

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Announcing our new brain controlled film The MOMENT

For the past year and a bit I have been learning all I can about BCI and interactive narrative, and how people interact with brain controlled film. Now we are in pre production on our new brain controlled film The MOMENT. Set in the near future during a war on consciousness, it asks how we can rebel against surveillance capitalism when our thoughts are monitored. Its inspired by current moves by tech giants such as Google and Elon Musk who […]

#Scanners 2016 Screenings

This August and September I will be taking the brain controlled film “The Disadvantages of Time Travel” to a number of cities across the UK. The screenings are free and you will be able to input into the next iteration of the project. London, 26th August 2016, 101 Euston Rd Book for London. Dundee, The Space, Dundee and Angus Collage Book for Dundee. Liverpool, dates coming soon. Manchester, dates coming soon. Nottingham, dates coming soon.

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#Scanners: The Den

So I spent a month in New York over Christmas, working with my long time collaborator Baba Israel partly completing The Spinning Wheel theatre show which will be touring the UK in June and also creating an installation at BRIC in Brooklyn. The installation was a continuation of the #Scanners project, my artistic exploration of brain computer interfaces. A recreation of New York counter culture icon steve ben israel’s den, a space where he used to hold court, entertain and […]

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#Scanners Update January 2015

So our kickstarter was successful! Which was brilliant- thanks to all who shared and especially those who contributed. We also had a successful Arts Council bid, and support from B3 Media. We are now collaborating with the Mixed Reality Lab at Nottingham University to create a new version of the #Scanners platform that will tour from June this year. Preproduction is going well, we have our crew and we will be filming in April. We have been getting some really […]

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Twenty Fifteen!

Here’s a bit of a recap on the end of 2014…. In October last year we had the pleasure of producing the set and AV design for Tuheen Huda’s Show ‘Transmissions’. It premiered at the opening of Manchester Science Festival. A show about addiction and the neural processes behind it, we created a set that changed throughout the show while being 3d mapped. We performed at the celebration of the bicentenary of the Royal Eye Hospital in November 2014. An […]

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Mosquito news 22/07/14

Well good day to you all! It’s been a while since blogs have splashed into the mosquito blog box. Lashings of apologies for the absence, the year had a somewhat wobbly start as some of you may know and now AlbinoMosquito is fitter, stronger, handsome’er, better mannered and affordable! We hit the early springtime with a studio move and a hundred small jobs that swung through the door all at once, life got super busy and a great many friends […]

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#Scanners on Kickstarter

Find us on

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News Update

So, hello again, this blog comes in two slices, this week and last has been buried under a glorious barrage of bits of show. Now we are sat on a Turkish airlines plane sailing through the rain clouds that are hung over holland on our way to Istanbul for a couple of hours before bouncing our intrepid bones to Kurdistan. In the hold below our weary bums is bits of show and tech equipment, Richards computer is down there with […]

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What’s been going on

Hello lovely perverts on the internet! This week at AlbinoMosquito towers has been bloody bonkers busy! The rehearsal for our new show Tectonic Plates has taken us from the hill tops of Derbyshire to the deep end of Levenshulme swimming pool. Our actors Sophie and Andrew have worked like Trojans in piecing this play together in our rehearsal space that we have built in the studio, the rehearsal process has taken the form of building the design and the scenes […]

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Organisational Development

The AlbinoMosquito family has been laying low over the summer to throw some cement on the foundations of the company and to cook up the important building blocks needed to move the company forward into 2014. What’s so special about 2014 I hear you mutter… Well so far the company has been building its creative muscles working to support the fine artists and venues of Manchester and now its time for us to hatch our own projects and shows in […]

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W00t – Copenhagen

The newly formed w00t Copenhagen Play Festival encourages and engages players of all ages to participate and enjoy street games, kids games, games workshops, board games and game talks. w00t Festival is a new outdoor space for playing and learning more about games, taking place from the 25th-26th May 2013 at KU.BE in Flintholme. AlbinoMosquito are excited to be showcasing a new research & development prototype that we have been working on in partnership with Salford University, Manchester. We have […]

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CBBC: Safer Internet Day 2013

To celebrate Safer Internet Day three brand new music videos have been put up on the CBBC website. They feature Wolfblood’s Bobby Lockwood advising kids to ‘TAKE CARE!’ and beware of what they download. The News Kids on the Block aka Joe Tidy, Ricky Boleto and Ore Oduba from Newsround singing ‘WHO DO YOU SHARE YOUR DETAILS WITH?’ And Helen Skelton from Blue Peter sings ‘SOMETIMES WHAT SEEMS LIKE FUN’ which warns about posting videos online.   Check out the […]

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ScreenLab Series MediaCityUK 0x02

ScreenLab/MediaCityUK located at Salford University, is an internal artist residence initiative by     Elliot Woods and Kit Turner to explore modes of perception and interaction under the theme ‘Future of Broadcast’. For 10 days, internationally-renowned digital media artists Kyle McDonald, Joanie Lemercier (AntiVJ), and Joel Gethin Lewis (Hellicar and Lewis) were invited to the University of Salford to prototype works which explore new modes of perception and interaction at the arts-technology crossover. Using the incredible space that is the ‘Octave’, which consists of […]

Stockport Film Festival Screening.

Stockport Film Festival gears up for the 14th and 19th October, where film shorts and discussions will take place over a range of venues in the area. AlbinoMosquito have been selected to take part in the screenings with a music video we created for musician Basil Clarke. Measure of My Worth will be shown as part of the ‘Music and Film’ day, where the festival will look at the relationship between “Music and Film” and the “Art of the Music […]

Dutty Lingo Footage

As you may have heard, or seen, AlbinoMosquito has joined forces with a host of Northern talent in a one day event at the Tate Modern, London. Artist and producer Michael Barnes-Wynters lead the troupe in producing a live installation in the newly opened Tate Oil Tanks as part of Undercurrent: young people’s festival. tate iphone from AlbinoMosquito on Vimeo. Albino Mosquito provided a VJ set with a series of talking heads collected by Michael himself, from around Manchester. Connected […]

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Super Special Questions. Groningen, Holland.

AlbinoMosquito are working on a collaboration of contemporary dance, film, and theatre. Directed by Jonathan Mcgrath the event will take place at the Grand Theatre in Groningen, Holland. Pre recorded performances will be filmed, synced and played simultaneously with live dance pieces, bringing the city of Groningen into the auditorium as a back drop to the event. The production aims to shake up the normal way in which performers perform and how audiences participate as viewers. Contemporary dancers from the […]


Michael Barnes-Wynters: Dutty Lingo Working with artist and producer Michael Barnes-Wynters on a live installation in the Oil Tanks of the Tate Modern as part of Undercurrent: young people’s festival. Tate’s Oil Tanks have beeb unused since the former power station was turned into an art gallery, and now have been opened as part of a 15 week line-up of performance and events. Part of this includes Dutty Lingo on the 23rd by Michael Barnes-Wynters for a one day event […]

Countryboy’s Struggle

We are happy to say that we will be adapting Countryboy’s Struggle into an animated series. Which is sweet. The project is funded by the BBC and Art Council Space and will be produced with Contact. Thanks to Baba Isreal, Maxwell Golding and Oliver Sykes for getting this together.

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AllFM radio interview

Michael Anthony Barnes-Wynters came to the studio before Christmas to interview us for the NoiseGeneration sop on AllFM. You can listen to it here. Our interview starts at 16 min 53 secs.

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Workshop for Set Designers, Sculptors and 3D Artists.

We are making a music video for a Manchester artist. We are running some workshops to make the set for the shoot. We are going to make an entire house out of cardboard cupboards, coffee cups, TVs and tables. There will be 4 set building workshops the 22nd of November to the 13th of December. The workshops are open to people with all levels of experience and anyone over 10 years. Dates: 22nd NOV 12 to 6 1st DEC 10 […]


AlbinoMosquito are always interested in ‘fresh meat’, in this case it is an interesting music individual from the East of England (King’s Lynn) called Dan Steele. He’s been living in Manchester for 12 years, studied Music Technology in City College, playing guitar, experimenting with different music styles, getting inspiration from music artists like Pink Floyd, Amon Tobin, Dave Matthews, Plaid and Calexico, as well as catching ambient sounds of city life that we usually miss. As a result, he created […]

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The Pleasant Sunday Afternoon

We would like to thank everybody who had overcome their laziness during these gray days in Manchester and came to see the Pleasant Sunday Afternoon Society event at Zion Arts Centre last Sunday. Thanks to Zion Arts Centre and to Liz O’Neal in particular for giving us the opportunity to create the audio/visual content of the event. We hope you liked the Installation we made in the main auditorium with dancer Louise Brodie and a musical composition by Gareth Bibby […]

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FILM WORKSHOP in the Bridgewater Hall on 17th October

On Monday 17th of October AlbinoMosquito and The Bridgewater Hall invite you to create new films inspired by the collaboration between Tindersticks, an Indie rock band from Nottingham, and Claire Denis, a world-renowned French film maker. Participants in the all day workshop on Saturday 15 October will work in small groups to create 3-4 new films in response to the themes in Denis’ work and their own perceptions of communities in Manchester. Exact times are to be confirmed, but we […]

Pleasant Sunday Afternoon Society at Zion Arts Centre 9th October

Since 1911 the building of Zion Arts Centre on Stretford Road in Hulme was a place for entertainment and creativity. Every Sunday a thousand of people gathered at then called congregational Church for Zion Institute to play games, to perform, to watch films and shows, to listen to the music, as well as to learn how to produce these arts. NEXT SUNDAY 9TH OF OCTOBER do not miss the opportunity to see the theatrical adventure directed by Jonathan McGrath and […]

Algorithmic Editing

Algorithmic Editing is a way of automatically – through mathamatical equations – cutting and reassembling raw footage into a unique new peice of work.

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AlbinoMosquito website now live

The new AlbinoMosquito website is now up and running and will display all the latest blogs, recent videos and photography we have been creating. The website also allows you to give us feedback on our work as well as our blog posts with the Comments feature, this means you can come along and have your say and hopfully we should be able to respond live on the website. If you look to the left of the screen, you will hopefully […]

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