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Recent Work

Project: The Bride: Zion 100

Project Name: The Bride: Excerpt of Pleasant Sunday Afternoon Society
Programmer: Maria Alvarez
Assistant Visual Editor : Rick Sims
Choreography: Joseph Lau
Music: Gareth Bibby and Alex Clarkson
Dancer: Louise Brodie
Concept and Visual Design: Richard Ramchurn
Projection Mapping: Richard Ramchurn
Operators: Richard Ramchurn and Mauro Camal
Director: Jonathon Mcgrath
Camera: Mazaher R
Edit: Richard Ramchurn
Date: 2011


We wanted to make an instillation where a performer generates projected images. We created this piece using Aduino, MAX/MSP/Jitter, Modul8 and Madmapper.


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