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Welcome to AlbinoMosquito

We experiment. We create. We innovate.

AlbinoMosquito are a leading creative agency based in the heart of Manchester. We specialize in creating digital creative content for a wide range of clients across the UK and Europe. We engage in delivering sets and AV design for theatre, music videos, documentaries, app development, viral marketing campaigns, animation and gallery installation work.


AlbinoMosquito never stand still, with no fixed methodology our approach to creating art is tailored to meet the needs of a wide range of clients and projects.

We Provide:

We provide audio / visual solutions as well as set designs to the following:

  • Gigs
  • Clubs
  • Musicians
  • Documenting Events
  • Theatre
  • Music Videos
  • Event Promotions
  • Festivals
  • Corporate Events

Latest Blog:

Mosquito news 22/07/14

Well good day to you all! It’s been a while since blogs have splashed into the mosquito blog box. Lashings of apologies for the absence, the year had a somewhat wobbly start as some of you may know and now AlbinoMosquito is fitter, stronger, handsome’er, better mannered and affordable! We hit the early springtime with a studio move and a hundred small jobs that swung through the door all at once, life got super busy and a great many friends […]

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Latest Work

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  3. The Spinning Wheel Trailer